Lead Occupational Therapist

Client Name: Ruth

Company Name: Marie Curie centre

Job Title: Lead Occupational Therapist

What roles were you looking to fill and were you working with other agencies?

We were only looking for an OT and in this instance did not look elsewhere.

How did you hear about the Frontline team?

We had used you in the past and I think initially responded to promotional emails you sent us.

What was the level of support you received from the team?

Your team has always been extremely professional and very supportive, especially as our demands recently have been a bit haphazard.

How do you think the Frontline team are different from competitors?

There was no fuss or bother and you came up with the goods so to speak just when we needed it.

Would you recommend the Frontline team and use them again?

We would certainly use you again.