Physiotherapist case study

Client Name: Melanie

Company Name: Regional Plastic Surgery Hand & Upper Limb Service

Job Title: Superintendent Physiotherapist

What roles were you looking to fill and were you working with other agencies?

Senior Physiotherapist with MSK skills. On the last two recruitments we have not felt the need to work with other agencies.

How did you hear about the Frontline team?

Contacted via marketing material – Spec CV on available candidates.

What was the level of support you received from the team?

Excellent on each and every occasion - personal attention, promptly delivered and pertinent communication i.e. not too pushy but prompting appropriately as needed, Empathetic that NHS professional staff managers are combining clinical with managerial tasks and make themselves available to enable us to prioritise clinical needs.

How do you think the Frontline team are different from competitors?

Personal approach, not aggressive marketing, attentive to detail, communicate well.

Would you recommend the Frontline team and use them again? If so, why?

Yes, for all the reasons above, and because they are professional and efficient.