ITU nurse case study

"Frontline prioritise their nurses and communicate with me very well. I am very happy with the support I have been receiving and I really enjoy working with them. "

How did you hear about the Frontline Nursing team?

I heard about Frontline through Pulse.

What was the level of support you received from the team throughout the registration, interview and placement process?

Excellent level of support. They are very organised and follow up everything. I had peace of mind knowing that I didn’t have to chase the agency for anything, they carried out the process quickly and efficiently

How do you think the Frontline team are different from competitors?

Frontline is different because they are very honest and organised. I don’t mind waiting until the last minute to pick up shifts with them because I really enjoy working with them. They maintain a high a level of communication making it easy to work with them.

Would you recommend the Frontline team to colleagues looking for work? If so, why?

I already have and will continue to do so! I am very satisfied with what I have been getting from Frontline. They are understanding, supportive and look after me.