RGN case study

"Frontline is an agency that looks after and appreciates their nurses. They provide me with a high level of support and are approachable when I have any queries."

How did you hear about the Frontline Nursing team?

Through a colleague a long time ago.

What was the level of support you received from the team throughout the registration, interview and placement process?

Excellent level of support. I was assisted on all requirements and kept updated.

How do you think the Frontline team are different from competitors?

Frontline support you with absolutely everything. They don’t push me into shifts, they ask me what I’m looking for and work around me. They prioritise my needs. If I ever have a query they also have the answers and always help me where other agencies can bounce your call between different departments. There is excellent communication between the team and myself.

Would you recommend the Frontline team to colleagues looking for work? If so, why?

Yes of course! I already have recommended you to my colleagues. I really enjoy working with Frontline and am well looked after.