Theatre nurse case study

"Frontline is efficient, supportive and charming."

What was the level of support you received from the team throughout the registration, interview and placement process?

They were supportive but I found it to be a lengthy process.

How do you think the Frontline team are different from competitors?

Frontline is far superior. They are lot more supportive and go out of their way to help. With my other agency I’ve been made to feel a nuisance at time but Frontline have never treated me like that. They are professional and helpful.

Would you recommend the Frontline team to colleagues looking for work? If so, why?

Yes. Frontline are so nice. They say please and thank you and add little comments at the end of their booking confirmations saying ‘thanks, you’re amazing’. These little things mean a lot to me and it’s nice to know my work is appreciated.