Nursing FAQs

  1. Who is Frontline

    Frontline is the non-framework agency. Once you have registered with Frontline you will have the option to also work with Frontline. You will not need to register again.

  2. What is the difference?

    Frontline are able to offer higher pay rates, particularly within NHS Hospitals across the UK.

  3. Will it be a problem if I don’t have a Frontline ID badge?

    Not a problem at all, if you take along your passport or driving licence as a form of photo identification, your ID badge will be posted out in the next couple of days.

  4. How do I get a Frontline timesheet?

    If you contact your Frontline consultant, they can either post, fax or email you some timesheets.

  5. What types of shifts can Frontline offer?

    Frontline are able to offer a range of shifts from short days, long days, nights and twilights all depending on what is available on the day.

  6. How much advance notice will I receive of available shifts?

    With some clients we can receive up to a week’s notice, with others a few days and some NHS hospitals will be on the day or night for ASAP shifts.

  7. What types of nurses can Frontline offer shifts for?

    Frontline have opportunities for all types of nurses from General to Critical Care, Midwives, ODPs and HCAs, as we service all hospitals across the UK.

  8. What is the cancellation fee policy?

    If you are cancelled by a hospital within 2 hours of your start time we will chase up a 2 hour cancellation fee for you and payroll it at the earliest convenience.