1. Who is Frontline?

    Frontline is the non-framework agency and a part of the ICS Group. Based on the ethos of building relationships directly with hiring managers we are not restricted to proposing candidates via master vendors therefore we can get a quicker response on CV’s put forward.

    Frontline provide market leading rates and are trusted to supply high quality staff.

  2. What benefits do you offer?

    In addition to a number of exclusive social work opportunities, we offer competitive pay rates and a premium bonus scheme. As a candidate you will benefit from strong relationships between your recruitment consultant and hiring managers who will understand both your needs and those of your clients. We also give expert advice and support, as well as providing  access to high quality voluntary training and development.

  3. What areas do you cover?

    Our Frontline Social work team supply across the UK with our largest client pool in the South East and South West of England.

  4. When do I get paid?

    Payroll is run once a day and payment will reach your account two working days after your timesheet has been processed. Any timesheets submitted after 12pm fall into the next day.

  5. How will I know my timesheet has been processed?

    Within a few minutes of your timesheet being processed you will receive an automated text message to confirm the amount and date the payment will reach your account.

  6. I haven't received a text from payroll; does this mean my timesheet hasn't been added?

    No, not necessarily. If you haven't received a text by 4:30pm on the day you submitted your timesheet contact our payroll department on 01992 474970 and they'll be able to provide you with an update.

  7. What's the rate of pay?

    Rates vary between authorities or trusts and depending on your post and relevant experience. As we do not work through master vendors, Frontline has more flexibility to negotiate rates based on your individual needs and experience often resulting in higher take home pay.

  8. How long is a contract?

    Most initial contracts are for 3 months. If budgets allow and both the candidate and client are happy with the working relationship it's likely that the contract will roll on, however it's not guaranteed.